We sell NEW ISO Containers in different sizes and types. The shipping container evolved from first being used for standardised shipping of cargo only. These days for each industry there are suiting container types available for their designated use. Either for shipping or storage of materials on sites. And sizes ranging from 10ft to 45ft high-cube. The most standard types we can offer from stock : 6ft,8ft,10ft,20ft,40ft, 40ft high-cube in different RAL-colors. Further we can offer 20ft side door containers, 20ft double door containers, 20ft high-cube containers, 20ft high-cube double door containers, 20ft high cube side door containers, 40ft high-cube side door containers. On request we can offer the full range of products available in factory. With our know how, we can offer you the best solution for your business.


Once containers are sold by shipping lines and leasing companies after being in use for international shipping for years. We buy used containers, inspect them and repair them according to IICL or cargo worthy norms. These standard types ranging from 20ft, 40ft, 40ft high-cube can be used for storage or still be used for international shipping. Used Containers are used for project cargo where buying equipment has it advantages to using shipping line containers. These so-called shippers owned containers can be used for a longer period by the user. And the highest benefit is in the costs you normally pay for the ‘rent’ of the shipping line container. When you have a project and loading and unloading will take some time you are better of using SOC-containers to decrease your costs. With our know how, we can offer you the best solution for your business.


If you company uses shipping or storage containers as part of your operational system. Why no order customised containers. Have the containers delivered directly from production in your RAL-color and with your company’s logo’s. We have experience and know how doing this for almost 20 years for our customers. When you have specific demands on locking gear, air vents, lashing strips or other solutions, we will try to include this in the production of your containers. Saving you costs after taking delivery. This way your container can be used directly after you take delivery from it. With our know how, we can offer you the best solution for your business.

Our products and services

We sell standard and specialised container equipment. Please check out the following websites.

For the Netherlands and Belgium we offer online sales of containers, units and accessories on www.zeecontainer-discounter.nl

For the self-storage industry we offer a special range of self-storage containers more information www.self-storage-containers.eu

Raymond Veenman

Raymond Veenman
Founder of Knowhow-containers

Buying your containers from concept to delivery

Concept Stage

We start out asking you a lot of questions. What will be the use for the container, will you use it for shipping or storage, maybe both? What is the budget and what will you do with the container once delivered? We will have more questions, but that is the best way to find the best solution for your business. And at the end you want the best for your business. So better to invest the time at the concept stage.Then spending more time and Money on altering a standard container to your desired use afterwards. We invest time to get you the best container type for your designated use, during this concept stage. And our customers are happy with the result. With our know how, we can offer you the best solution for your business.

Contract signing

Once the concept stage has developed in the offer. The offer is accepted, we turn to the contract stage or order confirmation.Here we confirm the quantity and type, color and logo’s , timing of delivery, the type of delivery or collection from depot. The specifics on one way shipping or empty shipping, the intended use and warranty’s. Further invoicing, payment terms, deposits and general terms and conditions are a part of this stage. You want to know what to expect and how things are arranged.

Delivery or collection

Depending if your containers are on stock or need to be produced, we will arrange accordingly. And we will keep you updated during the process of production and delivery. Either we deliver or you collect the container(s). Delivery can be arranged with standard container chassis, delivery including unloading on site, or transporting your container from seaport to inland terminals by road, barge or rail. But collection from seaport, containerterminal or empty container depot is also possible. We have several locations where you can collect.

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Use Our Advantages


For almost 20 years we have been supplying new and used containers to different industries. Use our Know How to your advantage and contact us for a quote.

Quality Equipment

We would not sell a container unless we would use it ourselves. So our equipment is sourced with attention, because we know cheap means trouble when you want to store or ship your valuable items in a shipping container.

Worry free service, with realistic targets

We know how to get the job done and when to say no. What is possible we will do, and we will do it well. However impossible and un-realistic goals are not helping anyone. And we will decline the impossible. Because we are often the last in the chain of supply to get the order, but the first to supply. And things need time.

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